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Explore the thrilling adventures and beauty of Tabuk.

Two Nights Exploration Trip

Difficulty level: Easy/ Medium

Date: 20/May – 22/May

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Trip includes:

– Transportation
– 5 stars Accommodation

(Grand Millennium Hotel)
– 1 Night Camping on a cruise ship – Guide leadership
– Meals
– Drinks
– Snacks

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Top attractions:

– Horse Stable show
– Hike through Alzaitah (HISMA) – Maghayer Shoaib, AlBada’
– Cruise Trip
– Wadi AlDisah Safari Experience – Edge of NEOM

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Day 1:
12:00pm Pickup tabuk airport
12:30pm Head to Duba for a cruise trip 3:00pm Lunch on the boat
5:30pm Sunset on the boat
7:00pm Camping on the boat
9:00pm Dinner on the boat
10:00pm Movie on boat

Day 2:
8:00am Breakfast on the boat
9:00am Head to Wadi AlDisah Safari Experience 12:00pm Lunch at the farm
2:pm Edge of Neom
6:00pm Hotel check in
8:00pm Horse Stable and show
10:00pm Dinner

Day 3:
8:00am Breakfast
8:30am Hotel check out
9:00am Head to Hisma caves and canyons 12:00pm Coffee break
1:00pm Lunch at the camp and rest 4:00pm Head back to Tabuk
6:00pm Station 67 coffee break
7:00pm Head to airport