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As a boutique gym, Sands studio allows you to build a genuine relationship with your trainers and the surrounding around you due to its structure that only allows 6-8 clients per session, Therefore insures the highest quality of training and services. Sands is the perfect fitness space that offers you the platform to be your own individual self, and to find the comfort and the support you need, the place is filled with positive, supportive and inspiring individuals. To inspire and become inspired to thrive and achieve your own personal fitness goals.

we aim to introduce new and exclusisve classes by combing different training methods, SANDS studio is the 1st in saudi and the 2nd in the middle east to offer surfiest boards on beach sands as a fresh concept to insure extra fun and to challenge your body in new ways far from the traditional. In addition to many more diver set of classes and programs that are adjusted accordingly to each client, to grant the best results.

we are the result of years of learning,experience and passion for fitness and sports. we are a team of highly qualified academic trainers from all over the world with different backgrounds and training styles to offer diversity in the most professional way and to ensure that each person who enters our premises leaves feeling happier, more confidant and healthier. we 

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A studio atmosphere that will push you past your limits. When we see you surrounded with all these equipments we can insure that it will be a game changer and sweat will be serious.


You will find trendiest gym clothing, from design to concept. A piece with the perfect material, that is stylish,comfortable and has the perfect fit to complement your body and many more exclusive items, delivered straight to your doorstep with world wide shipping .

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From hiking one of the most scenic locations in Saudi to biking through the valleys of nature, we focus on creating a one of a kind experience. Whether it’s our travels, short hikes, events, or bike rides, our uniquely built gatherings bring to you a distinctive experience from the moment you sprint into it until you step out.<br /> Join Sands for unique journeys to explore yourself and your surroundings.

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